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Meet Dr. Besosa

Dr. Alfredo Besosa studied at “El Bosque” University of Bogota, made his clinical training in medicine Mind / Body of Harvard University, he has been considered by the magazine “Poder” to be one of the 40 top professionals in Colombia by his work as a national and international speaker in the development of happiness as a life, and spirituality applied to business, health, relationships and inner peace.

Constantly consulted on radio and television , its purpose is to help people find the fastest and most effective way to real success , one where understanding how thinking works, read more…

“Alfredo today is invited as a lecturer and professional to share the stage with people like Deepak Chopra, Bryan Tracy and Don Miguel Ruiz .”

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with Alfredo Besosa A. M.D.

Online Workshop “Design a Magical Life”
Tuesday January 9 – 2018

Discover in this online workshop which are the tactics and practices that make a human being achieve an extraordinary life by planning his day to day in the direction of happiness.

This workshop is aimed at all those people who are committed to their spiritual development and want to walk the path of happiness every day, a happiness that involves harmony in all aspects of our lives.

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Elevarte Programs (4 Semesters)
The program that will create a new humanity.

The Elevarte program is our most advanced program, consisting of four graduates for a total of two years working one weekend a month, is designed for those who take their happiness and spiritual development as a priority in their lives. Each semester we will be structuring the action plan that will take us to fully achieve the results that constitute happiness: 6 months for peace, 6 months for abundance, 6 months for harmonious relationships, 6 months for perfect health.


Becoming the ideal couple.

For those who wish to live “happily ever after” couple.

Single? Married? Divorced? Thinking about divorce? Getting married? Getting couple? This seminar is for you.

For anyone who wants to bring up this dimension of his life. This program will teach you to get, build, rebuild, or renew this dimension of your life through the internal renewal. This area of ​​our life like all the other is governed by laws that determine success or failure in it, and there is a mathematical formula pinpoint accuracy that allows you to define if someone is your partner or not, and that marks exactly which is the way to go with him or her. This course is taught in the beautiful Caribbean island of Isla Múcura , our favorite place to do these exercises internalization, a valuable investment in your happiness.